Mimino Kurumi (drinkitlovelife) wrote,
Mimino Kurumi

[...Firetruck? idek anymore|text]

I call the biggest room.
Tags: milk and her giant ego, there are more important things here
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Why waste such a big room on someone so small? Besides, I don't think your ego will fit in there anyway. You really ought to be more considerate and let the people who need it have it.
I need it! I brought the most stuff!
Really, now? I suppose they're so precious you need to sleep in the same room as them? Maybe give them a goodnight kiss before you sleep?
Only weirdos like you do that! I just don't want my stuff to get stolen!
Is that so? My, I thought you trusted your fellow crewmates more than that.
Don't give me that! I bet you'd just steal my food if I left it out!
Please. Not everyone's a sweet tooth like you.
Everyone likes chocolate.
Including those who are allergic to it? I don't think there's anything for them to like then.
There's no one allergic to chocolate here!
If they were, the cooks wouldn't put chocolate in the desserts, of course.
Who would eat a dessert they would have an allergic reaction to, hm? Really, not everyone eats everything they lay their eyes on, Milk.



7 years ago

Can't you think of anything bigger to worry about?
I'm worrying about serious things, too. I'm just getting this out of the way.