Mimino Kurumi (drinkitlovelife) wrote,
Mimino Kurumi


...well, that's strange. Why would that many ships suddenly want to go home?
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Well, so many people at once, and all from the same country? Including ships that exist to foster relationships with the main continent? That's just weird.
Maybe they all got bored. Maybe they decided they didn't want to bother anymore. Who knows?

[Political sense, he hasn't got any.]
...Are you completely clueless?

I'm just a cat. We're not exactly known for understanding what humans...and demihumans get up to.
Just go read the paper or something.
I'd rather spend my time listening to a broadcast of "The Big Storm of Love".
And what is wrong with that? Even I listen to that when there's nothing else on!
Of course there's nothing wrong with it! It's awesome! And that's why I'd rather be listening to that than reading the news.
Hmph. I used to think that, too, you know. I might rather listen to Steel Samurai than the news, but the news is kind of important.

Either a break in relations, although they claim that isn't that case, or preparations for something.
It's weird.
Politics usually is.

One can only hope they're doing the right thing.
Maybe they're taking a cue from the Badlands. Could be that they're just sick and tired of bein' tugged around by the folk on the mainland.
But they're already a country anyway! It's not like the Badlands.
Well, maybe not exactly, but think about it. Which country do you think has more pull - some lil' ol' island off the coast, or their good old buddy, Ivona?
Well, that does make sense...
And now tell me this - what usually happens when one friend's bigger and badder than the other?
What are you getting at?
All I'm saying is that if Erealia's moving away from Ivona, they've probably got a good reason for it.